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  • The Science of Getting Rich

    This is a complete, accurate and unamended text, unlike many internet versions of Wattles works, that are being widely sold after considerable "adjustment"and "improvement.".

  • The Ozymandias Principles: Thirty One Strategies For Surviving Change

    Harry Foster gave permission for this library to offer valuable books that he sells from his own website.

  • Freedom Of Life

    Annie says that simple wisdom “may be entirely incomprehensible to many minds, but to those who do comprehend, it represents a very real and practical help.”

  • Realizing Our Dreams

    The experiences people have are created by subconsciously held beliefs. So are their personalities. This is what Ralph Waldo Emerson referred to when he said, “What you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you are saying.” Applying the techniques in this book helps a person become the type of person they really want to be.

  • Psychic First Aid

    Self-help methods that can alleviate and even cure many distressing difficulties. This book is divided into numerous small sections that point to the exact, easy-to-self-apply remedy.

  • Power Through Repose

    As the title suggests.

  • Nerves And Common Sense

    To the best of our knowledge, this represents the last book comprising Annie Call’s lifetime output. It consists of 30 brief essays, many of which were originally magazine articles.

  • How To Live Quietly

    Which one of us doesn’t ultimately wish to live QUIETLY, no matter what else we may wish to accomplish in our time here on earth?! Annie Payson Call answers a very important question, and that is: how to go about finding peace of mind in this life, or simply “peace.”

  • How to be a Genius or The Science of Being Great

    A profoundly inspiring book! This is a complete, accurate, unameded text, unlike many internet versions of Wattles works that are being widely sold. Contains the original biographical note written by Wattles’ wife.

  • Flower Child

    Farida Sharan came of age during the peace and love revolution of the 1960s; this is the story of her personal and spiritual development in that milieu.

  • Beyond The Himalayas

    The story of a man’s spiritual development, with huge gains attained from the teachings of adepts in Tibet.

  • As A Matter Of Course.

    Her shortest and perhaps most powerful and pointedly accurate book about how to get past the obstacles that keep us from achieving greater spiritual freedom.

  • As A Man Thinketh.

    A perennial classic of the "new" age of spiritual thought.

  • Acres of Diamonds

    How to make more of yourself, such that it leads to success.

  • The Teaching of Buddha

    A lecture on Buddhism based of the reports of an early Westerner who traveled to Tibet and spent years studying the Buddhist teachings there, and who wrote the first Tibetan – English dictionary and grammar.

  • The Value of Voluntary Simplicity

    The spiritual, ethical and practical reasons to adopt voluntary simplicity. By the author of The Power of Non-Violence. Acting Director of Pendle Hill 1935-36

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