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  • Tooth Truth: A Patient’s Guide to Metal-Free Dentistry

    This book is definitely not recommended by the American Dental Association.

  • The Fundamental Basis of Iris Diagnosis

    A complete manual of iridiagnosis.

  • What You Always Wanted To Know About Sclerology

    Analysis of markings on the sclera (white of eye) is a simpler system for indicating the current state of bodily function than iridiology.

  • Therapeutic Fasting

    A complete, sensitive and intelligent survey of fasting and of fasting literature. Arnold DeVries was an American researcher, writer and hygienist, who already in the 1950’s changed from a fruitarian (Fountain of Youth, 1946) to a paleolithic diet. (See the Longevity Library for more of his books.)

  • Arthritis and Folk Medicine

    A book about using honey and vinegar as medicine, and about Vermont folk medicine in general.

  • The Scientific Basis of Toxemia

    From the American Chiropractic Journal; discusses the theory of toxemia.

  • The Cure For All Cancers

    The title says it all.

  • Improving On Pritikin: You Can Do Better

    This one tells Ross’ own story. This book also discusses Gerson’s healing method and most popular health/diet systems. Ross Horne wrote powerfully because he was a flight instructor. Flight instructors take pride in absolute precision; they must be able to explain how-to to another so that their student can do the task almost as well.

  • The Health Revolution – Fifth Edition

    Ross Horne explains natural hygiene/nature cure clearly and simply in a modern, scientific manner using the latest medical research. If you are suffering from life-threatening disease, this book may save your life. Provides an objective discussion of proper diet; it strongly recommends a raw-food diet.

  • Health and Survival in the 21st Century

    Here is THE book for someone with incurable disease that is stuck in the medical model. Includes a cogent presentation of why AIDS is a “false” disease, the frauds behind AZT and the deaths AZT caused.

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