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  • How To Fight Cancer and Win

    Provides a thorough review of AMA-style cancer treatments but if that is all the book was, it would not be in this library. It also contains a thorough discussion of the anti-cancer Budwig protocol that reverses the anaerobic metabolism of cancer cells with linseed oil.

  • Health, Youth and Longevity

    …through Food – Water – Air – Sun – Exercise – Breathing – Mind; The Golden Rules of Life and Happiness; Introduction to Cosmotherapy; The Essene School of Life

  • Hypoglycemia and Diabetes
  • The Theory of Cosmotherapy

    Available here are six of the original fifteen booklets in this series. One of them contains an interesting list of Székely’s publications as of the date of issue.

  • The Healing Factor: "Vitamin C" Against Disease

    Irwin Stone asserted that humans require much larger amounts of Vitamin C for optimal health than is necessary to prevent scurvy. He introduced Linus Pauling to Vitamin C and is recognised within orthomolecular medicine as one of its founders.

  • The Drama of Fluorine: Arch Enemy of Mankind

    Dr. Spira spend his life researching the effects of fluorine. His conclusions and dire warnings have been ignored.

  • The Clinical Aspect Of Chronic Poisoning By Aluminium and its Alloys

    A monograph of 30 pages that discusses the nature of fluorine poisoning.

  • The Cruel Hoax called Herpes Genetalis!

    A 96 page stapled booklet. The many typographical errors, ideosyncratic word choices and incorrect spellings have not been changed in this scan because they illustrate the nature of the authors.

  • Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy and Prostate Cancer
  • Nature Cure Explained

    A survey of and elementary introduction to Nature Cure in all its forms and techniques.

  • Diet Prevents Polio

    Polio can be prevented by dietary adjustment. Sandler’s dietary solution was, in its time, far better than the average diet, and proved enough to prevent the disease.

  • The Price of Civilization: The Causes, Prevention and Cure of Human Cancer
  • Universal Immunization

    Childhood immunization is exposed as a dangerous fraud. Obomsawin points to nutrition and soil fertility as the real solutions.

  • Why I Left Orthodox Medicine

    Inspiring book that explains the whys of why a fully qualified and successful medical doctor abandoned AMA style practice and took up something resembling orthomolecular medicine.

  • Nature Cure For Asthma and Hay Fever

    As the title says.

  • Eine Krebstherapie

    Der Nobelpreistrüger Dr. Albert Schweitzer selbst, seine Ehefrau und auch seine Tochter wurden von Dr. Max Gerson von schwierigen Krankheiten komplett geheilt. Dr. Schweitzer schrieb: »Für mich ist Gerson eines der grüßten Genies in der Geschichte der Medizin.« »Eine Krebs-Therapie – Fünfzig geheilte Krebsfülle«; wurde geschrieben, um darauf aufmerksam zu machen, daß es eine wirksame Krebstherapie gibt, sogar in fortgeschrittenen, konventionell aussichtslosen Füllen. Dr. Gersons Tochter Charlotte führt die Arbeit ihres Vaters weiter und leitet eine Krebsklinik in Mexiko (

  • Meine Diät: Ein Ratgeber für Kranke und Gesunde

    Dr. Max Gerson litt bereits bei seinem Medizinstudium an Migräne und entwickelte für sich eine Migräne-Diät. Prof. Ferdinand Sauerbruch hörte von Gersons Behandlungserfolgen und vertraute ihm 450 unheilbar an Tuberkulose erkrankte Kinder an, um dessen Diät-Therapie zu testen. 446 Kinder wurden komplett geheilt. Die Gerson-Diät regeneriert das Immunsystem und hilft daher bei zahlreichen chronischen (= schulmedizinisch unheilbaren) Krankheiten. Bis zu seinem Tod 1959 verfeinerte Dr. Gerson seine Diät zur Behandlung von Krebskranken.

  • Eternal Health Truths of A Century Ago

    A collection of the writings of (mostly) mid-nineteenth-century Natural Hygienists, including Isaac Jennings, William A. Alcott, Sylvester Graham, Russell Trall, Thomas Nichols, George Taylor, James Jackson, Harriet Austin and Robert Walter.

  • The Natural Way to Health

    Victor was the son and prime assistant to his father, Henry. After Henry’s death, Victor carried on the practice. This book also provides insight into the character and personal/family life of the Lindlahr family.

  • Tooth Truth: A Patient’s Guide to Metal-Free Dentistry

    This book is definitely not recommended by the American Dental Association.

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