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  • The Hygienic System, Vol. VI, Orthopathy

    The word "orthopathy" means something like "corrective suffering," or "repairing disease by experiencing the symptoms instead of suppressing them." Contains one of Shelton’s most powerful statements of the fundamental nature of natural hygiene.

  • Natural Hygiene: Man’s Pristine Way Of Life

    Contentiously, painstakingly, passionately puts forth the key concepts of Shelton’s version of Natural Hygiene. There is also an excellent history of the development of the Hygienic movement.

  • Food Combining Made Easy

    Shelton’s booklet is the most frequently referred to text on the subject. Reprinted 31 times between 1951 and 1979.

  • Medicine and Dialectics

    Better known for his Essene Gospels, this 36 page booklet is early Székely. It was originally printed without any notice of copyright.

  • The New Science of Healing or the doctrine of the Oneness of all Diseases, forming the basis of a Uniform Method of Cure, without Medicines and without Operations

    The theory of toxemia was fundamental to Khune’s practice. This book is one of the few in hygienic literature that considers tropical diseases such as leprosy and tropical fevers as well as offering a thorough discussion of the treatment of tuberculosis.

  • Cry of the Heart—Stop Hurting The Children: The Medical Terror of Vaccination

    Anti-vaccininist plea to cease and desist with full reasons, scientific and emotional.

  • The Fasting Cure

    A famous author’s personal experience with the fasting cure. The main chapter of this book, "Perfect Health" is also offered in French, the translation, Parfaite Santé!, translation courtesy of Paul Barbu & Diane Hébert.

  • Syphilis: Is it a Mischievous Myth or a Malignant Monster

    Shelton at his scathing best!, There never has been a disease called "syphilis" by diagnosing many minor and usually transient symptoms as "syphilis" the medical profession has obtained a herd of terrified sheeple paying large fees to take poisonous remedies that cause the dreaded symptoms of so-called tertiary syphilis.

  • Dr. Kelley’s Do-it-Yourself Book: one answer to cancer

    William Kelley, D.D.S. treated cancer patients with a similar to Max Gerson’s. Kelley asserted that “wrong foods [cause] malignancy to grow, while proper foods [allow] natural body defenses to work.”

  • Return To Nature

    Authorized translation of the 4th German edition, done by B. Lust. A nature-cure classic.

  • Hygienic Review

    Miscellaneous articles by Herbert Shelton, Christopher Gian-Cursio and others. The Hygienic Review was published by the Herbert Shelton Society. A few of these are excerpts from Shelton’s books.

  • The Hygienic System, Vol. III, Fasting and Sun Bathing, Third Revised Edition

    An exhaustive study of therepeutic fasting, Shelton claimed to have conducted over twenty-five thousand fasts, ranging in duration from three days to more than two months. Even if this is an overstatement, likely no one else has ever equaled his experience with fasting.

  • Scientific Fasting: The Ancient and Modern Key to Health

    One of the wisest books ever written about natural hygiene and especially about water fasting. Dr. Hazzard had decades of personal practice. Also contains a great deal of advice about handling children.

  • The Hygienic Care of Children

    Shelton at his most aggressive; a vigorous defence of innocent children. The book was very shoddily printed and lacked copy-editing. Don’t miss the very last chapter wherein Shelton ruthlessly attacks the AMA-medicos for their greed and willful killing of the young; don’t miss his detailed condemnation of vaccination.

  • The Philosophy of Fasting: A Message for Sufferers and Sinners

    Purinton’s book is mostly about the mental and spiritual benefits of fasting and the state of mind one needs to cultivate in order to fast safely and with a good result.

  • Health via Food

    Dr. Hay began his practice in 1891. The first sixteen years were spent in regular medicine and surgery. When his own health broke down he began studying alternative approaches and became a naturopath; his main "weapon" was water and water fasting. Hay was a strong proponent of colon cleansing.

  • Kako i kada da budete svoj doktor

    Mozer, Izabele, Stiv Solomon. Translation into Serbian using Cyrillic alphabet.

  • The Hadwen Papers

    Dr. Hadwen was a passionate opponent of Jennerian smallpox vaccination. These are a collection of his magazine pieces and a rousing speech, so vivid the reader feel present at an anti-vaccination rally.

  • Como e Quando Ser Seu Próprio Médico

    Moser, Dra. Isabelle A. e Steve Solomon. Tradução: Élia Regina Previato.

  • Comment et Quand Etre Son Propre Docteur

    Moser, Isabelle, en collaboration avec Steve Solomon. Resultat de 25 annees de pratique clinique utilisant toutes formes de traitements naturels; le Dr Isabelle Moser etait "hygieniste" de temperament, mais pas de maniere rigide, ni doctrinaire.

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