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  • The Kingston Chronicle (Rude Health): 1968

    The following articles are available to be read from these issues:"Heart Transplants," by Alf, Malcolm & Leslie"The Prostatic Ape," Looking at Books with Alec Milne. This article reviews a health-related book by John Tobe who also wrote a book about his trip to Hunza available in the Longevity collection of the Soil and Health Library."Sick Animals," by C.L.T."Minds At Work," A Conference Report by Chiel"Getting The Message," by C. Leslie Thomson"Patient-Practitioner Co-Operation," by Keiki R.Sidhwa

  • The Kingston Chronicle (Rude Health): 1976

    The following articles are available to be read from these issues:"Crumbs From The Breadbasket," by Lou and Prem"Back To Sanity: An Open Letter from Australia, by Kenneth S. Jaffrey"Has Milk A Future?" (continued), by C.L.T."Emergencies—a conference report by Chiel.""Has Milk A Future? (continued), by C.L.T.

  • The Kingston Chronicle (Rude Health): 1977-78

    The following articles are available to be read from these issues:"Care For Your Sight" (continued), by C.L.T."The Healthy Human Gut," by C.L.T."Scratching and Wheezing," by Alec Milne"The Healthy Human Gut" (continued), by C.L.T."Sooth or Truth?" by C.L.T."Care For Your Sight" (continued), by C.L.T."The Healthy Human Gut" (continued), by C.L.T."The Healthy Human Gut" (continued), by C.L.T."Care For Your Sight" (continued), by C.L.T."Science And Nature," by Kenneth S. Jaffrey"The Healthy Human Gut" (concluded), by C.L.T."Care For Your Sight" (continued), by C.L.T.

  • Timeline for the Life and Hard Times of Dr. Shelton

    An brief admiring biography and complete historical bibliography of Shelton by a staunch follower, Victoria Bidwell.

  • What Really Causes MS

    Harry Foster gave permission for this library to offer valuable books that he also provides free of charge from his own website.

  • You Can Overcome Asthma

    Available here with the permission of the Author is one chapter of this admirable book. The book itself can be purchased via mail order from Sinclair’s admirable website,

  • Food Is Your Best Medicine

    We offer one sample chapter because an inexpensive paperback is in print. Bieler, Tilden disciple, was the last well-known fully-accredited M.D. that I am aware of who practiced hygienic medicine entirely without reliance on drugs or surgery, wrote lucidly about his practice.

  • Herbs of Grace: Becoming Independently Healthy

    Offered here are three chapters: "Health Ecology," (about why the body gets sick); "Nourishment," (about how to feed it to make and keep it well); "Iridology and Inner Ecology," (a relatively complete treatment of iridology and iridiognosis).

  • What Really Causes AIDS

    In the African country of Senegal there is virtually no AIDS yet the population is highly sexually active. This correlates with the high level of selenium in Senegalese soils.

  • What Really Causes Alzheimer’s Disease

    Harry Foster is a geologist/geographer who discovered that the frequency of Alzheimers varied with certain environmental circumstances, such as the amount of aluminum in the soil/environment.

  • The Pulse Test

    Many disease conditions are caused by food allergies. The book explains a simple method of testing for allergies that it can be self-applied by anyone possessing determination and reasonable intelligence.

  • The Balanced Diet

    Dr. Clendening was a popular write in the 1920s and 30s. This book reflects "the newer knowledge of nutrition."

  • Der Nachweis des Sonnenlichtwertes der in der Lebenden Substanz und in der Nahrung Enthaltenen Energie
  • The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses

    A well-known alternative healing method.

  • The Philosophy of Health or Health Without Medicine

    Coles’ recomendations are generally sensible and accord well with the developing understanding of hygienic practice. Ellen White, founder of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, plagiarized Coles.

  • Rational Fasting: Regeneration Diet and Natural Cure for All Diseases

    There are two paperback versions issued by conflicting groups of Ehretists, each in-print version containing much addenda to the original material. In this download, as best this library can determine, is what Ehret actually wrote.

  • Modern Live Juice Therapy
  • Versterking van de ogen. Een Systeem van Wetenschappelijke Oog Training

    Strengthening the eyes. A System of Scientific Eye Training that has been translated into Dutch.

  • Kako i kada da budete svoj doktor

    Mozer, Izabele, Stiv Solomon. Translation into Serbian using Latin alphabet.

  • The Hygienic System, Vol. II, Orthotrophy, Sixth Edition

    What constitutes a proper and healthy diet has long been the matter of the great controversy. Here is Shelton’s thorough examination of eating and foodstuffs. Includes food combining, feeding infants and children, the digestive system, etc.

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