• Consider the Lilies: A Review of 18 Cures for Cancer and Their Legal Status

    Many doctors successfully cured cancer i

  • A Manual For Students of Massage

    “Manual of Massage” third edition published in 1909 thoroughly and understandably covers the anatomy, physiology and the application of massage to the human body.

  • The Therapeutics of Fasting – text only

    The text only version of The Therapeutics of Fasting.

  • The Colon Health Handbook: New Health Through Colon Rejuvenation

    This 78 page booklet gives straightforward, easy-to-understand answers to questions surrounding colon health. It explains how the condition of the colon strongly influences the health of the entire body. The book provides self-administered techniques to regain colon health without enemas or colonics.

  • Healthy Childhood

    Wise advice on child raising by a premier British nature cure practitioner at the Kingston Clinic, Edinburgh; contains a grandmother’s lifetime accumulation of wisdom.

  • How To Be Always Well

    Dr. Jackson’s book explains the basics of natural hygiene/nature cure and makes recommendations for lifestyle and diet that lead to permanent health and a high degree of well-being. This book is especially useful for the type of person that makes life choices and determines their behaviour according to well-grasped basic principles.

  • Creative Menopause: Illuminating Women’s Health & Spirituality

    For men, this is a fascinating look at the inner life of women. And for women it is full of wisdom and helpful information about how to age with grace and dignity.

  • Health Unlimited

    A very easy to understand summary and restatement of the basic hygienic viewpoint that would serve as an excellent introduction and guide to someone with insufficient time to study the fundamental books of the Founders (Tilden, Shelton, etc.) from which this book is drawn. It is vegetarian in outlook and disapproves of colon cleansing. Used by a chriopractic college in the United States as a basic text of diet and nutrition.

  • Nature Doctors: Pioneers in Naturopathic Medicine

    A thorough and scholarly historical survey of the development of naturopathic and nature cure practices from the 19th through the 20th century. A study of the individuals who made it happen. For many years Kirchfeld was librarian at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine.

  • Parkinson’s Recovery Project

    Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock runs the Parkinson’s Recovery Project. She has developed a method that allows people who have not yet started on conventional Parkinson’s medications to recover from this disease.

  • The Immerman Files

    Dr. Alan Immerman collected every available scrap of published scientific evidence issued between 1880 and 1980 that supported Natural Hygiene/Nature Cure. This material (a seven foot tall stack of photocopies) was then scanned by Dr. Immerman. All these articles are available for free download, organized by topic.

  • Ehret Bibliography
  • Hygienic Dictionary

    The essential terms and distinctions used by by the major figures natural hygiene/nature cure, defined in their own words. Compiled by Steve Solomon during the late 1990s, the first years of this library.

  • Kingston Chronicles

    Also known as “Rude Health.” Published by the Thomson Clinic. We have issues from 1967 through 1978.

  • The Kingston Chronicle (Rude Health): 1971

    The following articles are available to be read from these issues:"That So Many Live," by Keki R. Sidhwa"Stomach Troubles," by C.L.T."Second Maturity," by C.L.T."More About Issels," by Peter Fenton and C.L.T."Water: Inside and Out," by C.L.T."Looking Forward," A Conference Report by Chiel"Youth For Tomorrow," by G. Edward Grogan"The Healthy Heart," by C.L.T."Youth For Tomorrow," by G. Edward Grogan (concluded)"Strange Ally," by Alec Milne"A Healthy Heart," (continued), by C.L.T."A Healthy Heart," (continued), by C.L.T.

  • The Kingston Chronicle (Rude Health): 1969

    The following articles area available to be read from these issues:”Starches and Proportions,” (continued) by C.L.T.”Flexibility,” A Conference Report by Chiel”Food Supplements: Are They Necessary,” by Keki R.Sidhwa”Shelton’s Latest,” A Book Review by Alec Milne”History of the I.S.R.N.: Excerpts From the Official Records,”by H. Leslie Harrison”Vital Capacity,” by C.L.T.

  • The Kingston Chronicle (Rude Health): 1967

    The following articles are available to be read from this year’s issues:”Not For Novices,” by C.L.T. (in two parts—continued over two issues)”To The Barracades, Vicariously,” by Alex Milne”45 Years of the E.S.N.T.,” by C.L.T.”The Scaremongers,” by C.L.T.

  • The Kingston Chronicle (Rude Health): 1972

    The following articles are available to be read from these issues:"Ill-Health Is Costly," by Keki R. Sidhwa"Healthy Food For Man, Child, and Animal," by Alec Milne"A Healthy Heart" (continued), by C.L.T."Food Reform Catering," by C.L.T."A Healthy Heart" (continued), by C.L.T."A Healthy Heart" (continued), by C.L.T."Olive Lane Thomson (in memorium)""Rate of Change," by C.L.T."Beware Backsliding," by Keki R. Sidhwa"A Healthy Heart (continued)," by C.L.T.

  • The Kingston Chronicle (Rude Health): 1973

    The following articles are available to be read from this year’s issues:"Is a Heart Attack Avoidable," by Keki R. Sidhwa"Glimpses of Truth," by C.L.T."Blood Pressure," by C.L.T."Is Pain Necessary," by Keki R. Sidhwa"A.S. Neill" (In Memorium)"Blood Pressure" (continued), by C.L.T.

  • The Kingston Chronicle (Rude Health): 1974

    The following articles are available to be read from these issues:"Goodbye To The Pill," by Keki R. Sidhwa"Blood Pressure" (continued), by C.L.T."Goodbye To Vaccination," by C.L.T."Speaking To Students," by Alec Milne"Blood Pressure" (continued), by C.L.T."No Hope Without Faith," by C.L.T."Kingston Publications (List),""Blood Pressure" (concluded), by C.L.T.

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