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  • Soil Reaction (pH) and Balanced Soil Nutrition

    Albrecht’s final and most thorough statement summarizing his research on maximizing nutritional quality by adjusting soil mineral nutrient ratios and quantities. Contains many well-rendered illustrations, maps, charts and tables.

  • Nutrition Via Soil Fertility According to The Climatic Pattern

    A concise yet complete statement of how climatic variations in soil fertility (or human intervention through management practices) results in hugely differing levels of animal (and human) nutrition, and consequently, differing levels of health.

  • Loss Of Soil Organic Matter And Its Restoration

    Once each year over many decades the United States Department of Agriculture published a yearbook. This particular Yearbook of Agriculture, Soils and Men, is widely considered the best of the lot. And this article by William Albrecht may well be la crème de la crème. It is our hope to eventually present the entire yearbook online.

  • The Drought Myth: The Absence of Water Is Not The Problem

    Explains that much of the apparency of moisture stress is subsoil infertility. Some have experienced that foliar feeding of apparently moisture-stressed crops will “cure” them.

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