Skip to content is an online public library. Its contents are intended to assist people studying health, nutrition, holistic agriculture and related areas. Because the library is domiciled in Australia it can offer books for free download that are protected by copyright. None of these copyrighted materials are legally owned or controlled by Soil and Health Organization. Consequently permissions cannot be granted for further distribution of anything downloaded from this site. Public domain materials in this library have no copyright protection. The copyright status of all materials is plainly indicated.

An Australian library may legally supply an electronic copy of an entire out of print book that still is protected by copyright if the copy is made for purposes of study and the requesting patron files a simple declaration when requesting that copy. However, further reproduction and dissemination of copyrighted materials supplied to patrons of this Library is prohibited by international copyright agreements. Should one of our copyright-protected “out of print” titles become restored to retail sales, the title must immediately be removed from this library. Should any user of this library know of any copyrighted “out of print” book offered in the library that is now in print, please advise us.

In this library there are significant excerpts of copyrighted books that currently are in print. If any client of our library discovers that one of these titles has gone out of print, please inform the librarian. In that case we will begin to provide the entire book for download. Further reproduction and dissemination of these excerpts is also prohibited by international copyright agreements.

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This Library is supported entirely by the generous donations of its patrons.
Your support enables the Library to purchase books, scan and maintain this web site.

“Thank you for all you do. The books I have downloaded have changed my life.” –TP in Reynoldsville, PA


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