The Kingston Chronicle (Rude Health): 1972

Original publication date: 1972: Issues in possession: Jan-Feb, 1972 (No. 4, Vol. 33); Mar.-Apr.1972 (No. 5 Vol. 33); May-June 1972 (No. 6 Vol. 33); July-Aug.1972 (No. 1 Vol. 34).
Original publisher:
Publication status: Out of print

The following articles are available to be read from these issues:

"Ill-Health Is Costly," by Keki R. Sidhwa

"Healthy Food For Man, Child, and Animal," by Alec Milne

"A Healthy Heart" (continued), by C.L.T.

"Food Reform Catering," by C.L.T.

"A Healthy Heart" (continued), by C.L.T.

"A Healthy Heart" (continued), by C.L.T.

"Olive Lane Thomson (in memorium)"

"Rate of Change," by C.L.T.

"Beware Backsliding," by Keki R. Sidhwa

"A Healthy Heart (continued)," by C.L.T.

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