The Kingston Chronicle (Rude Health): 1969

Original publication date: 1969: Issues in possession: Jan.-Feb. (No. 4, Vol. 30); May-June (No.6, Vol. 30); July-Aug. (No. 1, Vol. 31).
Original publisher:
Publication status: Out of print

The following articles area available to be read from these issues:

“Starches and Proportions,” (continued) by C.L.T.

“Flexibility,” A Conference Report by Chiel

“Food Supplements: Are They Necessary,” by Keki R.Sidhwa

“Shelton’s Latest,” A Book Review by Alec Milne

“History of the I.S.R.N.: Excerpts From the Official Records,”by H. Leslie Harrison

“Vital Capacity,” by C.L.T.

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