Biodynamics Journal No. 005b

Original publication date: Summer, 1943
Original publisher:
Publication status: Out of print

The Bio-Dynamic Sprays

Healthy and Diseased Pastures
     E. Pfeiffer

The Weed Problem
     Virginia Moore

Companion Plants
     Richard Gregg

     Evelyn Speiden

Feeding Dairy Cattle
     Robert Emde

Tree Crops—An Unappreciated Possibility
     J. Russell Smith

Kimberton Farms
     Phoenixville Chamber of Commerce

Program for Postwar Activities in the Phoenixville AgriculturalTerritory
     H.A.W, Myrin

Short Course in Bio-Dynamic Gardening, March, 1943
     Mildred Brown

Kimberton Farms Agricultural School

Announcements and Program of the Next Winter Courses
at Kimberton Farms Agricultural School



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