Biodynamics Journal No. 228

Original publication date: March/April 2000
Original publisher:
Publication status: Out of print

2 From the West Coast
      Chuck Beedy

3 Demeter News
     Ann Mendenhall

4 Thoughts Crossing My Mind

6 Biodynamic Farming Today: Challenges and Successes Towards RealSustainability
      Steffen Schneider

11 Biodynamic Outreach in the Midwest, 1999
      Walter Goldstein

14 Biodynamics in North Dakota: The Kirschenmann Family Farm
      Walter Goldstein

18 Tennessee Organic and Biodynamic Gardening Conference, 1999
       Jeff Poppen

19 Perceiving Plants: Experiencing Elemental Beings
       James Lee

23 Bessie Has Always Paid Her Way at Aurora Farm
     Woody Wodraska

26 Additions to Our Resource Catalog

27 Recommendations for Working with Crops
      Hugh Courtney

31 Calendar of Events
31 Internships/Employment



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