Biodynamics Journal No. 225

Original publication date: September/October 1999
Original publisher:
Publication status: Out of print

2     From the West Coast
       Chuck Beedy

3 Demeter Office News
       Anne Mendenhall

4 Renewal of Science: Goethe Comes to NY
       Judith Krischik

8 An Herb Grower’s Diary VII
       Heinz Grotzke

10 Celebrating the Life of Ehrenfried Pfeiffer
       Maria C. Linder, Ph.D

16 Make History Consciously
       Alison Hobbs

18 A Cow, A Calf and a Bull: An Update
       Woody Wodraska

21 Seeds for the Future
       Hugh Williams

23 Update on the Biodynamic Seed & Plant Association
       Dennis Dietzel

25 Weather as Seen by the Artist and Sailor
       Helmut Siber

27 Recommendations for Working with Crops
       Hugh Courtney

30 Research Notes
31 Calendar of Events
32 Internships/Employment



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