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General Bibliography of Natural Medicine

    Here is a partial list of some of the many useful, valuable books about natural hygiene and closely connected to the area. Most are out of print. With the exception of those by the old hygienic doctors (Tilden, Hazzard, etc.) they are usually available through the interlibrary loan service of your local library.

  1. Airola, P. N. D., PhD (1974). How to Get Well. Phoenix: Health Plus Publishers.
  2. Albrecht, W. A. (1975). The Albrecht Papers. Kansas City: Acres, USA.
  3. Alexander, J. (1990). Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda! Nevada City, California:
    Blue Dolphin Publishing, Inc.
  4. Alsleben, Rudolph H. and Shute, Wilfred E. (1973). How to Survive the New
    Health Catastrophes.
    Anaheim, CA: Survival Publications.
  5. de Baïracli Levy, Juliette. (1953) The Complete Herbal Handbook for The
    Dog and Cat.
    London: Faber and Faber.
  6. de Baïracli Levy, Juliette. (1954) The Complete Herbal Handbook for Farm
    and Stable.
    London: Faber and Faber.
  7. Bieler, H. G., M.D. (1965). Food Is Your Best Medicine. New York: Random
    House. Also Bantam paperback.
  8. Bliznakov, Emile G., M.D. and Hunt, Gerald L. (1987) The Miracle Nutrient:
    Coenzyme Q-10.
    New York: Bantam Books.
  9. Carrel, A. (1939). Man the Unknown. London.
  10. Carrington, H. (1963). Vitality, Fasting and Nutrition (reprint of original
    ca. 1900 edition). Mokelumne Hill, California: Health Research.
  11. Clark, J. (1957). Hunza: Lost Kingdom of the Himalayas. London: Hutchinson.
  12. Coca, Arthur F., M.D. (1956) The Pulse Test: Easy Allergy Detection. New
    York: Lyle Stuart, Inc. (Also 1978 paperback edition. New York: Arco Publishing Co.)
  13. Cornaro, L. (1566). Discourses on the Sober Life (reprint: has been through
    many reprintings by various publishers). Mokelumne Hill, California: Health Research.
  14. Densmore, E. M. D. (1892). How Nature Cures (Reprinted 1976 by Health
    Research, Mokelumne Hill, California). New York: Stillman & Co.
  15. DeVries, A. (1963). Therapeutic Fasting. Greene, Iowa: Chandler Book Co.
  16. Garten, M.O., D.C. (1958) The Dynamics of Vibrant Health. Dulzura, CA:
  17. Gerson, M., M.D. (1958). A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases. DelMar,
    California: Totality Books.
  18. Gray, R. (1980). The Colon Health Handbook. Oakland, California: Rockridge
    Publishing Company.
  19. Hazzard, L. B. D. O. (1927). Scientific Fasting: The Ancient and Modern Key
    to Health
    (also Mokelume Hill reprint of original). New York: Grant Publications.
  20. Hawking, David and Pauling, Linus, editors. (1973) Orthomolecular Psychiatry:
    Treatment of Schizophrenia.
    San Francisco: W. H. Freeman and Company.
  21. Hoffer, Abram and Walker, Morton. (1978) Orthomolecular Nutrition: New Lifestyle
    for Super Good Health.
    New Cannan: Keats Publishing.
  22. Jensen, B. D. C., N.D. You Can Master Disease. Solana Beach, California:
    Bernard Jensen Publishing.
  23. Jensen, B. D. C., & Bell, S. (1981) Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management.
    Escondido, California: Bernard Jensen.
  24. Jensen, D. B., D.C. (1976). Doctor-Patient Handbook. Provo, Utah: Bi-World
    Publishers Inc.
  25. Jensen, D. B.and Anderson, Mark (1990). Empty Harvest: Understanding the link
    between our food, our immunity and our planet.
    Garden City Park, NY: Avery Publishing
  26. Jensen, Bernard and Bodeen, Donald V. (1992) Visions of Health: Understanding
    Garden City Park, NY: Avery Publishing Group.
  27. Keys, Ancel, Josef Brozek, Austin Henchel, Olaf Mickelsen and Henry L. Taylor.
    (1950) The Biology of Human Starvation. Two Vols. Minneapolis: University
    of Minnesota Press.
  28. Kulvinskas, Viktoras.(1972) Love Your Body. Wethersfield, Conn: OMango
  29. Kulvinskas, Viktoras. (1975) Survival Into The 21st Century: Planetary Healers
    Wethersfield, Conn: OMango Press.
  30. Lee, R. Assorted Lectures: 1923-1963. Palmyra, WI: Lee Foundation for
    Nutritional Research.
  31. Lee, R. Lectures on Malnutrition. Selene River Press, Fort Collins, CO.
  32. McCarrison, S. R. (1921). Studies in Deficiency Diseases. London: Henry
    Frowde and Hodder & Stoughton. Also Oxford Medical Publications, 1921.
  33. McCarrison, S. R. (1936). “Nutrition and National Health.” Journal of the
    Royal Society of Arts,
    lxxxiv, 1047, 1067, 1087.
  34. McCarrison, S. R. (1982). Nutrition and Health: being the Cantor Lectures
    delivered before The Royal Society of Arts 1936 together with two earlier essays.

    London: The McCarrison Society.
  35. Mollision, Bill. (1993)The Permaculture Book of Ferment and Human Nutrition.
    Tagari Publications: Tyalgum, Australia.
  36. Natenberg, M. (1957). The Legacy of Doctor Wylie: and the Administration of
    His Food and Drug Act.
    Chicago: Regent House.
  37. Oswald, J. A. (1989). Yours for Health: The Life and Times of Herbert M. Shelton.
    Franklin, Wisconsin: Franklin Books.
  38. Page, Melvin E. D.D.S. and Abrams, Leon. Your Body Is Your Best Doctor. New
    Cannan: Keats Publishing.
  39. Pearson, Durk and Shaw, Sandy. (1983) Life
    Extension: A Practical Scientific Approach.
    New York: Warner, 1983.
  40. Pearson, R. B. (1921). Fasting and Man’s Correct Diet (Reprint, Health
    Research, Mokelumne Hill, California): originally published by author.
  41. Picton, D. L. J. (1949). Nutrition and the Soil: Thoughts on Feeding. New
    York: Devin-Adair.
  42. Pottenger, F. M. J., M.D (1983). Pottenger’s
    La Mesa, California: Price-Pottenger Nutritional Foundation.
  43. Price, W. A. (1970). Nutrition
    and Physical Degeneration.
    La Mesa, California: Price-Pottenger Nutrition
  44. Quigley, D. T. (1943). The National Malnutrition. Palmyra, WI: Lee Foundation
    for Nutritional Research.
  45. Rodale, J. I. (1949). The Healthy Hunzas. Emmaus, PA: Rodale Press.
  46. Shaw, George B. Back To Methusela. A play available in many editions.
  47. Schuphan, W. (1965). Nutritional Values in Crops and Plants. London: Faber
    and Faber.
  48. Shelton, H. M. Health for All (reprint of
    original, original date unknown). Mokelumne Hill, California: Health Research.
  49. Shelton, H. M. (1934). Fasting and Sunbathing.
    San Antonio: Dr. Shelton’s Health School.
  50. Shelton, H. M. (1935). Orthotrophy. San
    Antonio, Texas: Dr. Shelton’s Health School.
  51. Shelton, H. M. (1946). Getting Well. San
    Antonio, Texas: Dr. Shelton’s Health School.
  52. Shelton, H. M. (1951). Food Combining Made
    San Antonio, Texas: Dr. Shelton’s Health School.
  53. Shelton, H. M. (1958). Human Beauty: Its Culture
    and Hygiene.
    San Antonio: Shelton’s Health School.
  54. Shelton, H. M. (1971). Exercise! Chicago:
    Natural Hygiene Press.
  55. Shelton, H. M. (1968). Natural Hygiene: Man’s Pristine
    Way of Life.
    San Antonio, Texas: Shelton’s Health School.
  56. Sinclair, H. M. (Ed.). (1953). The Work of Sir Robert McCarrison. London:
    Faber and Faber.
  57. Sinclair, Upton. The Fasting
    Originally published by the author. Circa 1920.
  58. Taylor, R. (1964). Hunza Health Secrets for Long Life and Happiness. New
    York: Award Books.
  59. Tilden, J. H., M.D. (1912). Diseases of Women and Easy Childbirth (Reprinted
    1962 by Health Research, Mokelumne Hill, CA). Denver: Smith Books Press.
  60. Tilden, J. H., M.D. (1921). Appendicitis (Reprinted by Health Research, Mokelumne Hill, CA, 1976). Denver: John Tilden.
    Currently in print by Kessinger
    Publishing Co.
  61. Tilden, J. H., M.D. (1921). Impaired Health: Its Cause and Cure (reprint
    of original ca. 1920). Mokelumne Hill, California: Health Research. Currently in
    print by Kessinger
    Publishing Co.
  62. Tilden, J. H., M.D. (1939). Constipation: A New Reading on the Subject (Reprinted
    1960 by Health Research, Mokelumne Hill, California). Denver, Colorado: John Tilden.
    Currently in print by Kessinger
    Publishing Co.
  63. Tilden, J. H., M.D., & Trail, R. T., M.D. (1926). Toxemia
    Explained & The True Healing Art
    (reprint of two original articles;
    also available through Health Research). Yorktown, Texas: Life Science. Currently
    in print by Kessinger
    Publishing Co.
  64. Voisin, André. (1959). Soil, Grass and Cancer. New York: Philos.
  65. Voisin, A. (1963). Grass Tetany. London: Crosby Lockwood and Son Ltd.
  66. Walford, Roy L. M.D. (1983) Maximum Lifespan.
    New York: Avon, 1983.
  67. Walford, Roy L. M.D. (1986) The 120-Year Diet:
    How to Double Your Vital Years.
    New York: Simon and Schuster.
  68. Weindruch, Richard and Walford, Roy L. (1989) The Retardation of Aging and
    Disease by Dietary Restriction.
    Springfield, Illinois: Charles C. Thomas.
  69. Whorton, J. (1974). Before Silent Spring: Pesticides and Public Health in
    Pre-DDT America.
    Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press.
  70. Wigmore, Ann D.D. (1964) Why Suffer? The Answer? Wheatgrass God’s Manna!
    Boston: Hippocrates Health Institute.
  71. Williams, R. J. (1971). Nutrition Against Disease. New York: Pitmann.
  72. Williams, R. J. (1975). Physicians’ Handbook of Nutritional Science. Springfield,
    Illinois: Charles W. Thomas.
  73. Wrench, G. T., M.D. (1938). The Wheel of Health (Reprinted 1960 by the
    Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research; Reprinted by Bernard Jensen International,
    Escondido, CA, 1990. ed.). London: C.W. Daniel Company Ltd.
  74. Wylie, H. W. (1915). Not By Bread Alone: The Principles of Human Nutrition.
    New York: Hearst’s International Library.
  75. Wylie, H. W. (1929). The History of a Crime Against the Food Law (Reproduced
    by Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research, Milwaukee, 1955 ed.). Washington, D.C.:
    H. W. Wylie.
  76. Wylie, H. W. (1930). An Autobiography. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill.

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