The Peckham Experiment: a study of the living structure of society

Pearse, Innes and Lucy Crocker

Original publication date: 1985
Original publisher: Edinburgh and London: Scottish Academic Press
Publication status: Out of print

Innes Pierce inspired, set up and ran Peckham Centre during the 30s in London. It closed during WWII; reopened for a few years after the war. Then the Labour Government’s hostility forced its permanent closure. Peckham Centre helped create and sustain (at very low cost) a positive social culture for urban dwellers that made enormous improvements in their happiness and physical well being. The book contains a biologist’s explanation of the workings of the human family as the essential homo sapiens survival unit. Peckham Centre demonstrated how to strengthen the family in the face of economic forces causing its dissolution. Thanks are due to John Fielder of Cairns, Queensland, for the lend of this book.

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