The Organic Front

Rodale, J.I.

Original publication date: 1948
Original publisher: Emmaus, Pennsylvania, Rodale Press
Publication status: Out of print

The organic gardening and farming movement arrived in the United States in the early 1940s. J.I. Rodale was the prime mover. Within a few years tens of thousands were swept up by his intense enthusiasm. An intensely polarized antagonism soon developed between the innocent “organicist” and the technologically-proficient “chemicalist.” Hostilities persist to this day. Some of the causes of this conflict occurred because J.I. strongly and directly opposed powerful economic interests, but still, a great deal of this hostility may have been created by J.I. Rodale’s own attitudes. The Organic Front reveals the personalities involved in the organic gardening and farming movement. Most of this book probably consisted of articles in early issues of Organic Gardening Magazine.

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