The Hazards of Immunization

Wilson, Sir Graham S.

Original publication date: 1967
Original publisher: London: The Athlone Press
Publication status: Out of print

The general reader will find this book’s full-blown medical terminology so daunting that it is a virtual certainty they’ll give up on it after going unconscious attempting to follow the first chapter. The information in this book, however, supplies infinite ammunition to anti-immunization activists. Thanks are owed to Gary Krasner, founder and director of Coalition For Informed Choice in New York City, for urging this books inclusion. Wilson, a medical doctor himself, who believes in the efficacy of vaccination, provides a full historical survey of all immunization disasters, details the often catastrophic side effects. Attempting an OCR on the multi-lingual reference section seemed so daunting that the citations are offered as a separate download in the form of slightly fuzzy bitmap images on the order of a poor-quality photocopy appended to the main text.

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