The Emperor Wears No Clothes (Part 1)

Herer, Jack

Original publication date: 2007 11th edition
Original publisher: Jack Herer, Lower Lake, California
Publication status: Out of print

Millions of people have done serious jail time because this long used medicine was made illegal in 1937. Jack Herer tells how the prohibition came to be, who actually pushed this law into existence and why they really did so.  Also there much about the historical use of cannabis as medicine and of hemp for fibre. Jack Herer spent most of his adult life improving this book as he found more documentation. We are reproducing the 11th edition last updated in 2007. It downloads as non-searchable text because much of the book consists of images of other documents, old magazine articles, photographs, etc and the text portions are designed in a way that too often defeats OCR software.  However, the image quality is good enough to enjoy looking at (and the file size is substantial). The parts of the book that Jack Herer wrote (without images) can be downloaded with one mouse click from

File size: Part 1: pages 1-67---34 mb

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