The Colon Health Handbook: New Health Through Colon Rejuvenation

Gray, Robert

Original publication date: Fifth Revised Edition, 1982
Original publisher: Oakland, California: Rockridge Publishing Company
Publication status: Out of print

Robert Gray was a well known nutrition counselor in the San Francisco area. His 78 page booklet gives straightforward, easy-to-understand answers to questions surrounding colon health. It explains how the condition of the colon strongly influences the health of the entire body. The book also provides self-administered techniques to regain colon health without enemas or colonics. However, your Librarian was married to Dr. Isabelle Moser who, in her career, administered over 5,000 colonics. She said that in her experience, no herbal program or other non-mechanical colon cleansing method actually eliminated most of the old fecal matter, that the only way to accomplish that was through a long series of colonics (over 50), best delivered every day or every other day for a few months. See her book in this library.

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