Operation Mind Control

Bowart, Walter H.

Original publication date: 1978
Original publisher: London: Fontana (Dell: New York)
Publication status: Out of print

After being alerted to the significance of this book the Library had to pay $100 for the only copy on offer over the internet. This was a mass market paperback; many copies were printed. One might think some interest group was attempting to suppress this book by purchasing and destroying copies.

During WWII, the American cryptocracy began studying and using brainwashing techniques on soldiers and civilians, who, under control accomplished by Pain-Drug-Hypnosis, have done things they do not remember. It is about the assassinations of two Kennedys and a King–and who was behind it and how it might have been accomplished. The data will give one cause to reflect upon how the World Trade Center event might have been engineered. Downloads as a PDF of 1.5 mb.

File size: 1.5 Mb

This book has been downloaded 108 times.

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