Operation Mind Control: The Cryptocracy’s Plan to Psycho-Civilize You

Bowart, Walter H.

Original publication date: 1994
Original publisher: Flatland Editions: Fort Bragg, North Ca
Publication status: Out of print

If you thought the paperback version of Operation Mind Control was scary, try this Research Edition, containing much documentation and additional information that Time Warner did not include. Any one reading this book should carefully consider the WARNING on page 11. And this apology–the book was poorly printed with fuzzy type. It was amateurishly put together making it very difficult for optical character recognition. Despite many hours spell checking there still are many mis-reads of the sort that spell checkers do not find–such as when “the” become “die” or “modern” becomes “modem.” So be alert and exercise your imagination if a word seems to not make sense.

To reduce the size of the download, the Appendices, the last third of the book, is offered as a separate item.

Time it took to scan, OCR, copycheck and format this item was 23 hours (hr:min).

File size: 16.6 mb

This book has been downloaded 115 times.

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