Miscellaneous Articles From Organic Gardening Magazine, 1945-47

Howard, Sir Albert

Original publication date: 1945-47
Original publisher: From Organic Gardening
Publication status: Out of print

This collection includes “Nutrition And Health,” “Health Building For The Future,” “Farming and Gardening for Health or Disease,” “The Real Basis of Public Health,” “The Purpose of Disease,” Life and Health Restored to a Dead Farm,” “Dried Activated And Digested Sewage Sludge For The Compost Heap,” “The Leguminous Crop.” All these articles were kindly supplied by Marvin and Pearl Hegge of Bisbee, Arizona, USA. They were sent to this library in the form of photocopies of what was probably an early Rodale Press booklet reprinting these articles. Unfortunately the exact dates of issue are unknown.

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