Let’s Live! 1966

Albrecht, William A.

Original publication date: 1966
Original publisher: Twelve short articles from Let's Live monthly magazine for 1966
Publication status: Out of print

They include: “Self-protection by Plants Linked to Nutritional Values; Variable Quality Production By Food Plants; Nutritional Values of Vegetables Change Rapidly; Variable Nutritive Values in Carrots; Values of Apples According to Chemical Analysis; Nutritive Value of Apples According to Biological Assay; Size and Weight Versus Nutritional Quality; Magnesium in the Soils of the United States; Health As Different Soil Areas Nourish It Part 1; Health As Different Soil Areas Nourish It Part 2; Soil Phosphorus–Activated Via Soil Organic Matter; Balanced Soil Fertility–Better Start of Life.”

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