Let’s Live! 1965

Albrecht, William A.

Original publication date: 1965
Original publisher: Twelve short articles from Let's Live monthly magazine for 1965
Publication status: Out of print

They include: Magnesium . . . Its Relations to Calcium; Magnesium . . . Its Relation to Calcium in Plants; Magnesium. . .Its Relation to Calcium in Body Tissues; Magnesium . . . Its Relation to Potassium; Magnesium . . . Its Excess, According to Plant Species; Magnesium . . . Indirect Modifications via Mixed Flora; Magnesium . . . Imbalances Among Companion Elements; Magnesium . . . Biochemically, So Little is so Important; Magnesium . . . Relation of Soil Test to Crop Analyses; Balanced Soil Fertility, Requisite for Nutritional Quality of Crops; Quality Becomes More Quantitative; Nutritional Quality of Vegetables via Plant Species and Soil Fertility.

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