Let’s Live! 1958

Albrecht, William A.

Original publication date: 1958
Original publisher: Twelve short articles from Let's Live monthly magazine for 1958.
Publication status: Out of print

They include: Silt Loams–Nutritional Blessing of the Winds; What Texture of Soil is Preferred? II. Clay-The Soil’s Jobber; Water–Major Mineral of Soil Nutrition; Water–Nature’s Major Biochemical Reagent; Cows Know Nutrition; Soil Organic Matter, Builder of Climax Crops; Soil Organic Matter–Fertility and Crop Needs; Soil Organic Matter–“Constitution of the Soil”; Soil Organic Matter–Mobilizer of Inorganic Soil; Soil Organic Matter–Includes Much “Et Cetera”; Soil Organic Matter–Includes Much “Et Cetera”; Soil Organic Matter–Farm Manures Help Maintain It.

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