Let’s Live! 1957

Albrecht, William A.

Original publication date: 1957
Original publisher: Twelve short articles from Let's Live monthly magazine for 1957.
Publication status: Out of print

They include: Rhododendrons . . . a Problem of Soil Fertility, Not Acidity; Is Soil Fertility via Food Quality Reported in Your Varied Pulse Rate?; Breeding Out Plant Proteins–Bringing in Diseases; Cycles of Soil Changes In White Clover Years; Cycles of Soil Changes in White Clover Years; Fertilizing with Nitrogen: The Cow Makes Her Suggestions; Fertilizing with Nitrogen: Rabbits Testify by Experiments; Fertilizing with Nitrogen: We May Use Too Much Salt; Fertilizing with Nitrogen: Fertility Imbalance and Insect Damage; Too Much Salt for the Soil; Blood Will Tell; What Texture of Soil is Preferred?

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