Human Ecology: 2nd Edition

Stapledon, Sir George

Original publication date: 1971
Original publisher: London: Charles Knightand Co, Ltd.
Publication status: Out of print

This book presents Stapledon’s views on how humankind should live in relation to the earth and the soil. The book builds on Stapledon’s long career as a crop researcher, followed by his high-level experience of planning food supplies during the war (WWII) years in Britain. The author considers the values that should underlie why and how society produces food — values that go way beyond today’s draconian imperative of economic efficiency. The book is complemented by an introduction that provides an outline of Stapledon’s life, which provides a key to understanding how he came to develop his philosophy. Secondly, and more importantly, the introduction reflects on how his views were received during his life, and so draws lessons for how we may better respond to the challenges that we now face. Although written over forty years ago the challenges of that time are still very much with us and have only become more acute in the years since.

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