How To Fight Cancer and Win

Fischer, William L.

Original publication date: 1987
Original publisher: Canfield, Ohio: Fischer Publishing Corporation
Publication status: Out of print

This book provides a thorough review of AMA-style cancer treatments but if that is all the book was, it would not be in this library. It also contains a thorough discussion of Budwig’s anti-cancer Budwig protocol. Dr. Johanna Budwig, seven times nominated for the Nobel Prize, succeeded at reversing the anaerobic metabolism of cancer cells with linseed oil, discovering that this oil is the only essential fatty acid cancer patients can take without letting the tumor grow. Max Gerson learned of this through Budwig. One of the 20- five star Amazon reviews of this book says: “Having been recently diagnosed with colon cancer (removed by operation) and liver cancer (secondary) I needed to know some answers regarding future treatments. Having heard and seen the results of the ‘orthodox’ route I wanted none of that! This book informed me of all of the alternatives on offer and covered each protocol very thoroughly. I highly recommend this book to every cancer sufferer. You will not be disappointed. Incidentally I chose the Budwig route.”

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