Food Is Your Best Medicine

Bieler, Henry G., M.D.

Original publication date: 1965
Original publisher: New York: Random House
Publication status: Sample of copyright registered work

Here find one complete chapter and the front matter. There is only this small sample of the full text online because an inexpensive Random House paperback edition is currently available. Bieler, a disciple of John Tilden, was the last well-known fully-accredited M.D. that I am aware of who practiced hygienic medicine entirely without reliance on drugs or surgery and who wrote lucidly about his practice and never lost his license or fought to avoid doing jail time. Bieler’s origin, through “modern” training and standard medical orientation gives his book a uniquely authoritative and up-to-date theoretical stance that Tilden can seem to lack. Dr. Moser gave away dozens of copies of paperback copies Bieler’s book to her clients over the years. Everyone interested in natural medicine should own and read this book. Food Is Your Best Medicine is on my “read every five years list.” Every time I do reread it I find new and amazing insights I was too stupid to realize were present the time I last read it.

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