Everybody’s Guide To Nature Cure

Benjamin, Harry, N.D.

Original publication date: 1967
Original publisher: Surrey: Health For All Publishing Co.
Publication status: Out of print

An immensely popular book that went through many reprintings between the first edition of 1936 and the Sixteenth Impression that is reproduced here. How many more printings this useful title enjoyed is not known. According to Dr. John Fielder who lent his copy to this library for scanning, “When it was in print it was considered the “handbook of Nature Cure”, equal to, if not surpassing Henry Lindlahr’s.” The book has two main uses: for the beginner it explains the basics of why the body gets sick and how it heals very thoroughly. Then, the main section of the book is an encyclopedic listing of Nature-Cure handlings for disease conditions. A rather fat book; downloads as a PDF of 1.53 mb.

File size: 1.53Mb

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