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Dirty Medicine

Walker, Martin J.

Original publication date: 1993

Original publisher: Slingshot Publications, UK

Publication status: Out of print

Chris Gupta, who donated the raw scan of this rare, hard to find and important book, says of it: “This excellent and well researched book gives, a history of the worldwide attacks on complementary and alternative medicine which started in the last century to create a sickness industry under the pretense of health. Detailing the assault on natural health-care by organized science, big business and the media. It is one of the most important books written on health.” To view Chris’ excellent freedom-oriented website, click here. The complex formatting of Dirty Medicine made it a daunting project to scan; its many (interesting) footnotes are located immediately following the paragraph they refer to instead of being at the bottom of a page.

Dirty Medicine is but one of many important titles by Martin Walker. These titles are also in print and available:

SKEWED: Psychiatric Hegemony and the manufacture of mental illness in Multiple Chemical Chemical Sensitivity, Gulf War Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic fatigue Syndrome. Slingshot Publications, London. 2003.

Brave New World of Zero Risk: Covert strategies in British science policy.Slingshot Publications, London 2005.

HRT: Licensed to Kill and Maim: The unheard voices of women damaged by hormone replacement therapy. Slingshot Publications, London 2006.

Silenced Witnesses: The Parents story; The Denial of Vaccine Damage by Government, corporations and the media, written by the parents, Vol I. (ed) Martin Walker. Slingshot Publications. London, 2008.

Silenced Witnesses: The Parents story; The Denial of Vaccine Damage by Government, corporations and the media, written by the parents, Vol 2. (ed) Martin Walker. Slingshot Publications. London, 2009.

Overthrowing the Temple: Loic Le Ribault and his development of organic silica. Slingshot Publications. London, 2011.

To buy a print-on-paper copy of Dirty Medicine and any of Walker’s other titles, visit the author’s website, Slingshot Publications.

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