Diet Prevents Polio

Sandler, Benjamin P.

Original publication date: 1951
Original publisher: Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research, Milwaukee
Publication status: Out of print

Here is proof that polio can be prevented by simple dietary improvement. Vaccination is not needed. Although I have major disagreements with Sandler’s dietary solution as the ideal, ongoing, lifetime human diet, this simple set of improvements was, in its time, far better than the average diet, and proved enough to prevent the disease. The Lee Foundation was the product of the admirable Dr. Royal Lee, a brave pioneer in American health research. Dr. Lee served time in jail for his beliefs that most disease conditions could be remedied by better nutrition. Thanks to John at Whale Books for providing this scan. Sandler’s book and many others concerning cancer and vaccination issues can be found at John’s website. The copyrights for this book are now under the custodianship of the International Foundation For Nutrition And Health; this organization prints many valuable books by Royal Lee, Melvin Page and others.

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