Botar, Oliver Árpád István

Original publication date: 1998
Original publisher:
Publication status: Public domain

“Focusing on Weimar Germany, I ground the study of biomorphic Modernism in Ern6 Kallaifs 1932 identification of a trend he termed Bioromantik. Kallai wrote from a biocentric position, an amalgam of Nature Romanticism and biologism espoused by Nietzsche, Ernst Haeckel, Ludwig Klages, Oswald Spengler, Raoul France and Hans Prinzhorn in the early 20th century, here established as a politically-charged category of intellectual history.”
From a generous donation by Thorsten Perl and friends of the digitalized collection of works by and about Dr. Raoul H. Francé and his wife Annie Francé-Harrar.

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