A Training Manual For Soil Analysis Interpretation in Northern California

Young, Gregg A.

Original publication date: 1999
Original publisher: Sonoma: Sonoma State University
Publication status: With permission

Gregg Young’s in-print book, Quality First in Vineyard & Orchard Production, was originally a curriculum project submitted to Sonoma State University for Gregg Young’s Master of Arts in Education. This training manual is of great value to new soil analysts. It is Albrechtian in approach and provides a thorough discussion of the reasons why the base cations (calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium) should be balanced so that approximately 60-70% of a soil’s total exchange capacity should be filled with calcium. It explains how to interpret ammonium acetate extractions and how to grow great fruit, especially grapes. The book is in print and for sale by Gregg Young, but offered here as a free download with his permission

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