A Time To Heal: Triumph Over Cancer, The Therapy Of The Future

Bishop, Beata

Original publication date: 1985
Original publisher: London: Penguin
Publication status: Out of print

Beata Bishop, a British journalist and author, received the dread diagnosis of widespread melanoma, normally a death sentence. Her surgeon offered her no hope for survival, nor did the grim statistics for “the black death” as it is called. Then Beata became aware of a nutritional therapy that was offered in Tijuana, Mexico, the Gerson Therapy. This book is the story of her odyssey of survival, recovery and rebirth into vibrant health using the natural processes of her own body to heal and defeat the cancer. It also details the psychological healing that accompanies the physical processes of recovery. Bishop is a sensitive, articulate writer, aware of and able to express the feelings of despair, hope and joy that she experienced. This book has been translated into German, Czech and Hungarian, and Bishop now lectures on her therapy, twenty years after her diagnosis of “terminal”.” (Howard D. Straus, grandchild of Max Gerson)
March 25th 2012 Beata Bishop celebrated the 90th birthday of Charlotte Gerson (daughter of Max Gerson) as a long time survivor of the Gerson therapy.

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