The Compost Manufacturer’s Manual

Fifty years before the soil foodweb became in the 1990s, Pfeiffer was using microscopes, preparing microbial inoculants, making superior quality composts, teaching farmers how to employ biological farming practices to improve soil organic matter, soil structure, and soil fertility – which in modern times is known as “soil health” — and conducting cutting edge research on soil fertility, soil biology, soil humus, and food quality. 

The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide and Brainwashing


“Focusing on Weimar Germany, I ground the study of biomorphic Modernism in Ern6 Kallaifs 1932 identification of a trend he termed Bioromantik. Kallai wrote from a biocentric position, an amalgam of Nature Romanticism and biologism espoused by Nietzsche, Ernst Haeckel, Ludwig Klages, Oswald Spengler, Raoul France and Hans Prinzhorn in

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Esther Deans’ Gardening Book

Esther Deans, poet, writer, gardener, conservationist, became famous in the 1970-1980s for her books which developed a no dig method of gardening in Sydney Australia. Esther tells the story of the transformation of her backyard garden. “You couldn’t dig the ground – it was just clay. I suggested to Tom

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Soil, Grass and Cancer (not searchable)

Health of animals and men is linked to the mineral balance of the soil. Note: This file is not searchable, however it may display correctly on Safari browsers and in Preview. Adobe Reader may be used to view the searchable version on a Mac, PC or other device. The searchable

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Gardening In Tasmania: a handbook

A thorough treatment of Tasmanian gardening as it was in the 1970s by the state’s “Gardener Laureat” of the era. Covers fruits, vegetables and ornamentals, a full planting schedule, all the usual pests and problems.

Das Urgesetz der natürlichen Ernährung

Walter Sommer (1887 – 1985) war in der Kindheit durch Impfschäden sehr krank (Gehirnfieber) und litt in der Folge regelmäßig an Blutarmut. Er war der radikalste Reformer unter den Vegetariern und entwickelte schon ein Vegan-System, als kaum einer davon etwas verstand. Sommer propagiert in diesem Buch die vegane Rohkosternährung, was

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Hitler’s Carmaker: The inside story of how General Motors helped mobilize the Third Reich

General Motors has a skeleton in its closet. It was in cahoots with the Nazis and helped build the German war machine. This is a lengthy magazine article.

Cairo To Damascus

More than a mere travelogue, this book examines the Palestenian/Zionist conflict in very early days. Enlightening.

Appendices to Operation Mind Control: The Cryptocracy’s Plan to Psycho-Civilize You

This substantial download is the Appendix of the Research Edition of Operation Mind Control. This is a non-searchable scan.

Operation Mind Control: The Cryptocracy’s Plan to Psycho-Civilize You

If you thought the paperback version of Operation Mind Control was scary, try this Research Edition, containing much documentation and additional information that Time Warner did not include. Any one reading this book should carefully consider the WARNING on page 11.

Patents For Hitler

The story of collaboration between Hitler’s Nazi party and large American business interests. Your librarian finds this title exposes the potentials ordinary business people have to put their efforts to promoting evil.

Hell’s Cartel: IG Farben and the Making of Hitler’s War Machine

Understanding the chaotic state of the planet these days can be improved by considering how and why the highest level business people in Germany forwarded Hitler’s destructive plans–and profited from them.

The Engineering of Consent

Bernays and his fellow contributors describe the science of manipulating of public opinion with Freud’s concept of “unconscious desires,” cynically appealing to emotion and deeply held ideals rather than convincing with facts. His insights now provide the basis of almost the entire modern media and advertising industry, and by extension, politics and business.

Medical Nemesis: The Expropriation of Health

Dependence on AMA-style medicine creates ill health on many levels. Many of the most expensive procedures have little or no proven health benefit or at best add but a few tortured years. Illich is an extreme libertarian who refuses to be suppressed and sees most of modern society as an effort to suppress the humanity of those in its grip.

Results from the Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar

Actual trial results from using Thun’s planting calendar.

Remineraliseer je Bodem zoals die van Hunzaland

De Intelligente Tuinier: Hoe Men Voedingsstoffenrijk Voedsel Laat Groeien. De smaak van voedsel is direct proportioneel aan de voedingsstoffendichtheid er van. Als de tuingrond in het juiste evenwicht wordt gebracht, dan smaakt het voedsel er van veel beter, complexer, interessanter; dit voedsel is dan tevredenstellender. In dit boek wordt uitgelegd hoe men een laboratoriumrapport moet interpreteren, om daarvan een remineralisering uit te werken waardoor er voedsel in die bodem kan groeien dat

Thirty Years Farming on the Clifton Park System

How to supply Humus, Texture, and Fertility by the Aid of Deep-Rooting Grasses

Harnessing The Earthworm

A practical inquiry into soil-building, soil conditioning, and plant nutrition through the action of earthworms, with instructions for intensive propagation and use of Domesticated Earthworms in biological soil-building.

Soil Fertility

What every soil analyst needs to know; a university-level textbook.

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