To Love And Regenerate The Earth: Further Perspectives On The Survival of Civilization

Weaver, Don

Original publication date: 2002
Original publisher: Woodside, California: Earth Health Regeneration
Publication status: Public domain

Don says, “The purpose of this book is to offer the world’s responsible people a non-commercial gift of potentially world-transforming information, ideas, and insights on the social, ecological and climatic problems now threatening the future of humanity and the whole Biosphere. Also, to offer potential solutions which respond to the causes of these problems, and which might empower us to wisely regenerate the Biosphere and restore health and balance to the sociosphere. The author/editor is an independent (and interdependent) volunteer researcher hoping to encourage humanity’s continued awakening . . . ” Don asked that special mention be made here of another website, this one created by Joanna Campe, where this title and also Hamaker’sw The Survival of Civilization can be found. That is:

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