The Philosophy of Fasting: A Message for Sufferers and Sinners

Purinton, Edward Earle

Original publication date: ca. 1905
Original publisher: Many editions, earliest probably published by Benedict Lust, N.D., M.D., Butler, New Jersey
Publication status: Public domain

Not so much a manual of how-to fast (although there are some useful insights on this in the book). Purinton’s effort is more about the affiliated aspects of fasting–the mental and spiritual benefits of the practice, and the state of mind one needs to cultivate in order to fast safely and with a good result. Purinton was a uniquely individualistic being who belonged to no identifiable group or movement. Clearly, however, he was friendly to Theosophy, Vedanta and had reality on his own past lives. Thanks to S. Fagan of Eagleby, Queensland for the lend of this book for purposes of scanning it.

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