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The Medicinal Plants of North America — Volume I


Smith, Arthur Weir (ed.)

Original publication date: 1914
Original publisher: Revised from the Transactions of the American Eclectic Materia Medica Association, Berwyn IL
Publication status: Public domain


“The leading doctrine of the Eclectic medical profession is: that the investigation and the
practice of medicine should be entirely free and untrammeled; that no central body-no
association, combination or conspiracy-should have the power to prescribe a certain standard of
faith or medical creed which shall be received and forced upon every member of the profession
by threats of professional disgrace and ruin. We recognize every enlightened, educated and
honest physician as standing upon the same platform of professional respectability and enjoying
the same rights, no matter what doctrines he may advocate in medicine, or what system of
practice he may deem it his duty to adopt.”
Thomas Vaughn Morrow

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