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The Keyline Plan


Yeomans, P.A.

Original publication date: 1954
Original publisher: Sydney: P.A. Yeomans
Publication status: With permission


After only three years of experimentation with the Keyline system, Yeomans self-published this, his first of several books. In the tradition of Louis Bromfield and Plowman’s Folly, it is an eye-opening look at how to help land retain all the rainfall it receives, opening the whole soil body to root penetration and releasing the natural fertility of the land. This book became an agricultural best seller and sold out. It is still sought after by collectors. The book is offered here without restriction through the permission of Allan Yeomans, who himself is writing a book offering a cure of global warming through better farming by increasing the carbon retained in the earth as humus. Allan Yeomans also runs a farm-implement company in Queensland; a pre-publication version of Allan Yeoman’s book can be read and Allan and his farm implement company can be reached at through his website. Regarding the three Yeomans Books below: Ken Yeomans has (as of August, 2009) reissued Water For Every Farm, Yeomans Keyline Plan. It can be purchased in Australia from Createspace, from Yeomans directly in both paper and inexpensive e-book format, and worldwide through Please demonstrate to Ken that putting a book online for free download in this library actually increases sales of the book in paper.

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