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The Definitive Cure of Chronic Constipation

Ehret, Arnold

Original publication date: 1922
Original publisher: New York: Benedict Lust
Publication status: Public domain


A short essay that was almost certainly written by Arnold Ehret and not the product of either Benedict Lust or Fred Hirsch, two disciples who, after Ehret’s death, issued what they represented as Ehret’s other publications. Includes the result of a complete bibliographical search for Ehret’s titles. Successors of Fred Hirsch run Ehret Publishing, which offers many “Ehret” and Ehret titles in inexpensive paperback format.

The Works of Arnold Ehret

Arnold Ehret died in early 1922. This library’s investigatin suggests that all of Ehret books but one were published after his death, some by Benedict Lust and some by Fred Hirsch. The Lust descendants and the Hirsch descendants are engaged in much legal actions over who “owns” this material.

The results of a complete search of Ehret’s titles can be accessed by clicking this link:

I have obtained a rare copy of his The Definitive Cure of Constipation, which came out in 1922. By date of publication it is certainly public domain material under the laws of its country of original issue. If the reader will take careful note of Ehret’s unpolished writing style in this booklet and compare it to the other Ehret materials issued posthumously they might, as I do, wonder who really wrote the newer stuff.

I have previously been threatened with lawsuit for providing “Ehret’s” Mucusless Diet Healing System and Rational Fasting on this website. The threats came from interests connected with the Lust publications. These titles were immediately withdrawn upon receipt of these threats. Such threats could not have been made if any edition of the original title had been published prior to 1923, as the material would have clearly been public domain. If I could but lay hands on any Ehret publication issued and dated prior to 1923 I would be delighted to put these titles online. Under the laws of Australia, Ehret IS already public domain, as his copyright expired 50 years after his death–1972. However, I am not willing to deal with aggressive legal actions from those deep-pocketed claimants (and their American lawyers) to ownership of these materials.

Ehret is worthy of inclusion in this library, even if “Ehret” was really a pseudonym for Benedict Lust and/or for Fred Hirsch. It seems to me that there is something about “Ehret” that lends to antagonistic faction and disputiveness.

So I am asking the patrons of Soil and Health Library to assist me and the world as a whole. I am seeking copies of Ehret publications that were incontestably written by Ehret, meaning those WITH PUBLICATION DATES PRIOR TO 1923. If you have one, please contact me. Meanwhile, enjoy his The Definitive Cure of Constipation.

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