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The City Forest: The Keyline Plan for the Human Environment Revolution


Yeomans, P.A.

Original publication date: 1971
Original publisher: Sydney: Keyline Publishing
Publication status: Public domain


This is a tiny book of barely 100 small pages written in very compressed form, chock-a-block full of partially-developed insight. It should not be the first of Yeomans’ books that a person reads, as having the background of his earlier works it will become more comprehensible. It is a plan for human betterment, having as much or more to do with city planning and landscape architecture on a macro-scale as it does with farming. Made available here without restriction with the permission of Allan Yeomans. Ken Yeomans has (as of August, 2009) reissued Water For Every Farm, Yeomans Keyline Plan. It can be purchased in Australia from Createspace, from Yeomans directly in both paper and inexpensive e-book format, and worldwide through Please demonstrate to Ken that putting a book online for free download in this library actually increases sales of the book in paper.

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