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The Challenge of Landscape


Yeomans, P.A.

Original publication date: 1958
Original publisher: Sydney: Keyline Publishing PTY, Ltd.
Publication status: With permission


This massive illustration-filled book is primarily a practical farming textbook focused on water conservation and small-scale dam construction and gravity-fed irrigation projects. Especially useful for practicing sustainable rainfall-dependent farming above the broad flood plain where water is always feast or famine. Made available here without restriction with the permission of Allan Yeomans. Ken Yeomans has (as of August, 2009) reissued Water For Every Farm, Yeomans Keyline Plan. It can be purchased in Australia from Createspace,from Yeomans directly in both paper and inexpensive e-book format, and worldwide through Please demonstrate to Ken that putting a book online for free download in this library actually increases sales of the book in paper.

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