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Super Imperialism: The Origin and Fundamentals of U.S. World Dominance (2nd ed.)


Hudson, Michael

Original publication date: 2003
Original publisher: London: Pluto Press
Publication status: With permission


The story of how the U.S. Government, operating over the last century with what might seem a long-range plan, created a super imperialism that controls most of the planet primarily through financial manipulation, and until recently, used military force only as secondary measure. Hudson wrote with such mental clarity that one chapter, his lengthy “Introduction,” comprehends all the major points in the book. The Introduction alone should provide a series of major realisations to someone who has already been observing the resort to force happening with ever-increasing frequency and magnitude. For just the introduction, click here. Super Imperialism can be purchased in-print-on-paper through all the usual channels of retail trade.The entire book downloads as a PDF of 1.52 mb.

PDF file size: 1.52

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