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Soil Microorganisms and Higher Plants


Krasilnikov, N.A.

Original publication date: 1958
Original publisher: Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow
Publication status: Public domain


Translated in Israel by Dr. Y.Halperin. Printed in the USA by the Government Printing Office. To access the list of references at the end of this book, click here. This, the ultimate study of the microbial process in soil, is one of the most important books in the library. It has been little known since its publication. In the Soviet Union of the 30s, 40s and 50s, industrial production was scanty. Had Soviet agronomic research focused upon increasing yields through the use of chemicals, spread voluminously, the result would have been massive crop failures; chemical fertilizers and pesticides could not have been produced in large enough quantity. So Krasil’nikov focused on the biological process, and he found ways to improve plant growth by crop rotation and the use of special composts and microbial ferments of the sort that could be produced by the farmer in an old barrel. All these “primitive” solutions are based on a very high-level understanding of the microbial process in soil and the interactions between soil microbes with each other, of how crop species interact with each other via long-lasting soil residues (root exudates), and how plants and microbes interact with each other. Soil Microorganisms and Higher Plants is public domain material. The original print edition was made by low quality photographic reduction of typewritten pages so letters like “e” and “a” were often misread by the OCR process. Apologies in advance for the many errors that despite very careful proofreading must still be in the text.

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