• Nathaniel Southgate Shaler Collection

    Nathaniel Southgate Shaler (February 20, 1841 – April 10, 1906) was an American paleontologist and geologist who wrote extensively on the theological and scientific implications of the theory of evolution. Soil and Health Library has a nearly complete collection of Shaler’s publications.

  • Soil Management

    Published posthumously. King’s study of Chinese, Korean and Japanese agriculture was part of his plan for the work on Soil Management. The chapter on the study of Far Eastern agriculture has been collected by Mrs. King from ten different lectures and papers which he had already prepared.

  • The Soil: Its Nature, Relations, and Fundamental Principles of Management

    Obsolete soil manual.

  • The Soil and the Microbe

    An Introduction to the Study of the Microscopic Population of the Soil and Its Role in Soil Processes and Plant Growth. A thorough overview of the topic.

  • Principles of Soil Microbiology

    Waksman’s massive work of scholarship was refused by many publishers who thought there was no market for such a book, but it became a best-seller and dominated the field for decades.

  • FARMERS OF FORTY CENTURIES: or, permanent agriculture in China, Korea and Japan

    One of the best travel books of all time. King’s remarkable account of his agricultural investigations in China, Korea and Japan in 1909 was an often-quoted source of inspiration for Howard in his 26 years as an agricultural investigator in India.

  • Food & Health in the Scottish Highlands: Four Lectures from a Rural Practice

    Dr Walter Yellowlees discusses disease in terms of the work of McCarrison, Cleave, Weston Price, Albert Howard and the organic growing movement. What he finds is “the result of a long chain of events determined by man’s relationship to his land and its crops.

  • Humus

    The basic text on the topic for decades; a summary of everything known in the mid 1930s.

  • Miscellaneous Papers of John E. Weaver

    The University of Nebraska put a large collection of John Weaver’s publications online for free download. The Soil and Health Library is mirroring this material. Select this item to see the full list of publications with download links to them.

  • Prairie Plants and Their Environment

    This book is the product of a lifetime of ecological research “to clarify some of the many problems presented by this vast natural unit of vegetation, to better understand the importance and significance of grassland and its utilization, and to furnish a permanent record of a rapidly vanishing vegetation.”

  • How To Be Always Well

    Dr. Jackson’s book explains the basics of natural hygiene/nature cure and makes recommendations for lifestyle and diet that lead to permanent health and a high degree of well-being. This book is especially useful for the type of person that makes life choices and determines their behaviour according to well-grasped basic principles.

  • Jones, Dr. Christine, Publications

    Dr. Jones explains how the main creators of humus are specialized fungi that plants feed sugars and other complexed nutrients. These fungi, in turn, help feed plants both nutrients and moisture.

  • Creative Menopause: Illuminating Women’s Health & Spirituality

    For men, this is a fascinating look at the inner life of women. And for women it is full of wisdom and helpful information about how to age with grace and dignity.

  • The Preservation of Youth: Essays on Health

    Twelfth Century medical classic. This brief book is filled with wisdom.

  • Health Unlimited

    A very easy to understand summary and restatement of the basic hygienic viewpoint that would serve as an excellent introduction and guide to someone with insufficient time to study the fundamental books of the Founders (Tilden, Shelton, etc.) from which this book is drawn. It is vegetarian in outlook and disapproves of colon cleansing. Used by a chriopractic college in the United States as a basic text of diet and nutrition.

  • Parkinson’s Recovery Project

    Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock runs the Parkinson’s Recovery Project. She has developed a method that allows people who have not yet started on conventional Parkinson’s medications to recover from this disease.

  • The Immerman Files

    Dr. Alan Immerman collected every available scrap of published scientific evidence issued between 1880 and 1980 that supported Natural Hygiene/Nature Cure. This material (a seven foot tall stack of photocopies) was then scanned by Dr. Immerman. All these articles are available for free download, organized by topic.

  • Ehret Bibliography
  • Ellen White Copied Coles
  • Available calcium a factor in salt balance for vegetable crops

    Observations made on vegetable farms in New Jersey located on sandy soils, show that pH is not always a reliable indicator of the available calcium and that many of those sandy soils which have pH values of 6.0 to 6.6, where large applications of soda and potash have been made, may be very deficient in calcium and magnesium.

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