Iridiagnosis and other Diagnostic Methods – Third Edition

Lindlahr, Henry, M.D.

Original publication date: 1919
Original publisher: Chicago: Lindlahr Publishing Co.
Publication status: Public domain

Iridology means analysis of the body’s condition through appearanace of the iris. The book also contains numerous interesting case histories and describes how conventional medical treatment of that era induced quality-of-life-threatening and fatal conditions. This book downloads in two ways: as html files and also as a rather large zip file containing the entire book. There are many figures and even a colour plate showing irises.
WARNING: Lindlahr expresses racial viewpoints in this book that today are considered highly politically incorrect. A paperback edition printed several decades ago abridged this material and “sanitized” Iridiagnosis. The abridgment also left out data on the nature of drug therapy of that era. This library offers the whole story.

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