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Klein, David, PhD., Weaver, Don

Original publication date: 2018
Original publisher: Vibrant Health Publications, Paia, Maui, Hawaii
Publication status: With permission


Planting a World to End Hunger, Poverty, Disease, Pollution & Wars

In Section 1, David explains the science that identifies our need for fruit, tells us what
will happen if we don’t eat enough fruit, and then describes exactly how to guarantee
that our fruit intake is sufficient.

In Section II, David and Don identify the substances, influences, conditions, and forces
necessary for growing the highest quality fruit from the healthiest trees, and they explain
why fruitarianism and fruit-based agriculture can restore the world to vibrant

In Section III, David takes on big issues, such as how to end world hunger, pollution and

True to the slogan of “Think globally but act locally,” Section IV explains what we can do
as individuals to join, and lead , the Fruiticulture revolution.

Fruit-based Veganic Permaculture on Maui Video

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