Food & Health in the Scottish Highlands: Four Lectures from a Rural Practice

Yellowlees, W.W, M.B., Ch.B.

Original publication date: 1965
Original publisher: Perthshire: Cluny Press
Publication status: Public domain

Dr Walter Yellowlees discusses disease in terms of the work of McCarrison, Cleave, Weston Price, Albert Howard and the organic growing movement. What he finds is “the result of a long chain of events determined by man’s relationship to his land and its crops. Seldom in the writings of our highly skilled specialists is there a glimmer of the truth that there is a unity in the health of the soil, the health of plants and animals, and of man. The worship of technology finds little time for a comprehension of nature’s laws, or for the humility to understand that we cannot defy nature without being punished.”

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