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Downsizing Darwin: An Intelligent Face for Evolution


Campbell, Robert

Original publication date: 2006
Original publisher: MindReach Library
Publication status: With permission


A Critique of Richard Dawkins’ book, RIVER OUT OF EDEN: A DARWINIAN VIEW OF LIFE, making the case for an intelligent direction in the evolutionary process. Robert Campbell was a petrochemical engineer with the soul of a philosopher. In his own words: “A lifetime of research into the physical and biological sciences and their philosophical underpinnings was required . . . to rationally understand and communicate specifically how the cosmic order works in a manner consistent with the empirical evidence of our ordinary experience as well as with the scientifically established factual evidence. This new methodology facilitates direct insight into the structural dynamics of the creative process in a way that complements traditional approaches to science. It can enhance the value and reach of science.

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